Live Gallery: Rubberbandits @ St. Luke’s, Cork 21 December 2016


There’s something wonderfully irreverent about watching two lads from Limerick with Centra bags on their heads singing songs about homosexuality, abortion, and being friends with six year old boys who are not related to them, on the altar of a deconsecrated church.

In a way, it is the ideal setting for the comedy duo to perform and shows just how far the country has traveled in the short twenty four years since the Bishop Casey scandal.

The satirical hip hop of their regular songs, and the back and forth between Blindboy Boatclub and Mr. Chrome, has always been reliably damn funny, but there’s also an undercurrent of intelligence and darkness on display. ‘Your Dad’s Best Friend’ is a prime example. You’d be hard pushed to find a darker exploration of masculinity anywhere. The song actually scares me. Elsewhere, the track ‘Up The Ra’ takes aim at armchair Republicanism in a rather unforgiving manner. Essentially, this is some of the most powerful satire that you could ever hope to witness.

Having said that, it is a sign of dire times when it seems the only people in the country making sense have plastic bags on their heads. But there you have it.

Shane J Horan took some fine photos of the spectacle.

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