Live Review: Delphi @ Teviot, Edinburgh

In all honesty I had a pre-conceived idea of what I’d think of Delphi having known of Murdo, their lead singer, since he was busking as a kid on the streets of Glasgow. Now aged twenty he has formed a band with three other lads he’s known since those busking days. They’ve always had a young following so I think to myself it’ll be indie pop music that teenage girls like. I wasn’t wrong, it is; but hang on a minute, I’m not a teenage girl but I’m hooked on these melodies. I’m immediately caught up in how brilliantly uplifting and instantly appealing these tunes are. It is classic indie pop for sure but for everyone.

They prove themselves to be very musically accomplished and a tight outfit. This is not just a silly folly to pass the time, they are serious and it’s evident how much practice goes into this. As Delphi play their joy is evident and it’s shared with the audience who are dancing along. There is a general connectivity between the band and those in attendance which is a special quality that not all bands ever master, helped greatly by Delphi possesing an instant likeability, both musically and as people. The overall atmosphere is a one that could lift anyone’s spirits and it’s entirely due to the band’s surplus of energy and enthusiasm. Their harmonies blend in with the melodies which stick in your head and fuse together like a tasty cocktail. Yes please,  I will have another!

If you like vibrant, rapturous, crazy catchy indie pop then there is no reason not to like Delphi. Just don’t be like me and make assumptions before hearing, or do if you must but base it on what I’ve just told you about them. Their potential for bigger things is as solid as their tunes.

Delphi release their new single Mind Games soon and are celebrating the release with a launch night at Glasgow’s Nice n’ Sleazy. Check their Facebook for details. 

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