Live Review: Pop!South Weekender @ The Glad Cafe, Glasgow 10-12 Feb 2017

So alas it was the last Pop!South Weekender at The Glad Cafe. It is also my first, so it was to be once and never again for me, kinda like using the toilet on a Megabus. It kicked off at 4 pm with 8 bands playing until 11 pm. Mostly female fronted bands and a mostly male dominated audience. I’m not sure if this is worth noting but a mere observation if nothing else. I attended the Saturday and here is the low down.

Marble Gods

A three piece with young Northern Irish lass Eimear fronting it who is the most happy smiley front person I have seen in a band since the 90’s when most were on Ecstasy and chewing their faces off in-between songs. Not the case here. She seems genuinely delighted to be playing, as does the drummer, the bass player has bass player face for the most part. Their songs sweetly carry you along in a way that makes you think of sunshine and a better place where Trump is not a thing. It’s optimistic and whimsy and kind of picks up where Allo Darlin have left off.

Joyce Delaney

I am officially their number one fan, or at least it is my goal to be by the end of 2017!! If this means wearing their merch every day then that’s what I’ll do! That is how good they are, that I will become creepy in my support of them. So take two girls that are funnier than most stand up comedians I have seen, male or female by the way and also two girls who can crank out melodic catchy riffs with kick ass bass lines and badda bing you have Joyce Delaney, my new favourite band. Also if you imagine Bill Hicks and Joan Rivers where amazing musicians and had gone down the road of turning their banter into beats with a pop punk edge! Actually that visual is a bit weird, just go see them, book them, don’t try to befriend them as I don’t want competition, something Joyce Delaney don’t have to worry about as there is no one else like them!

Soda Fountain Rag

A Norwegian fronted 4 piece with two Italians and a missing Swede who plays the keyboards and was then replaced by a kazoo. I am going to have to be honest and say that I hate the kazoo; I feel that it is not a real instrument but something you give to children as a gift if you dislike the parents. It’s annoying and I don’t think was a fitting replacement for keyboards. The songs themselves were nice enough though all seemed very similar in sound and in delivery and I found myself bored after the first 4 songs unfortunately.

Wolf Girl

All the way from London they came to give us some guitar punk fuzz with a little side of banter. This is their first gig which will kick start their tour which they all seem pretty upbeat and excited about, a bit like how I feel about their music. They will be blasting out alongside The Whooperups in Leeds, London, Cardiff and Bristol. They introduce each song with a little low down of what it’s about, mostly of which I can totally identify with but unlike most songs which tackle insecurities or being an outsider Wolf Girl make it sound exciting and positive.

Life Model

Life Model have the slightly awkward spot of playing first after an extended break but thankfully the crowd filter back into the room pretty quickly and they’ll be glad they did. Perhaps not an obvious choice for an indie weekender, these songs are not as immediate as many others on today’s bill but the rewards for listening are up there with anything else I hear. There’s a real intensity to their new songs, the sound is big, and basically the sound of a band growing in confidence and getting better every time they play. They look like they’re having as much fun as I am.


So I now find my head nodding and foot tapping has turned into a bit of a dancing shuffle, not something I do easily but it’s impossible and futile to resist this urge! The tunes of boohoohoo are like a musical taser, it fills you fill of positive energy. Catchy and up beat electronic joy in the same vain as LCD Soundsystem or Future Islands. The only thing this four piece has more than talent is equipment to show off their talent. I’ve been listening to their tunes on Spotify since and I’ll be mighty surprised if many more folks don’t do the same. I will officially be pimping them at any parties I am at that require ‘get in the mood’ music.

Spook School

The event organisers couldn’t have found a more fitting headliner than the Spook School for the Saturday night of this swansong event. Eyes and hearts are transfixed on the stage. Heads bop, feet shuffle, buzz saw guitars swamp our ears with joy and, like most times Spook School are on stage, everything feels perfect. The pace is frenetic throughout. Niall seems to be losing more and more items of clothing between each song. It’s one of those shows you never want to end but end it must at with indie pop royalty closing the show at least it ended on a high.

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