Live Review – Delphi @ Nice n’ Sleazy, Glasgow, 12th May

The sun is setting on Glasgow and the sky is glowing yellow as I head into Sleazy’s to catch Delphi. Had the roof been lifted off the venue, or had the band had been able to play on the roof, it would have been a fitting setting as they beat out indie-pop-rock befitting the end of a glorious day.

Four piece Delphi have now become five with the addition of a keyboard player which adds an extra punch, their songs feel more full of life, something I didn’t think was possible after seeing them previously. They definitely like the audience to know how much they are appreciated. Chat between songs is upbeat, the guys’ side glancing at each other as they play, like footballers figuring out their next pass. They each take the opportunity to take centre stage with vocalist Murdo who often retreats to the back of the stage allowing guitarist Kieran Hepburn to move front and centre. The rest of the band get their chance too with Matt McLeod on bass and backing vocal and Euan Lyons on drums.

Their joy of performing shines on songs like ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘What the Fuck’. Each song gets a little introduction, the topics entirely relatable for most of tonight’s audience. The crowd is a mix of young and old and demonstrates a band reaching new people as they build and develop their sound which is instantly appealing. Their brand of indie rock is packed with clever chord progressions and harmonies that are melodic and snappy.

‘Learn to Swim’ (video above) has the crowd singing along, rather loudly might I add, no need for a timid mumble with a chorus that begs to be yelled out, the kind of chorus that would go down nicely at a sizeable outdoor festival which is bound to happen soon. The band then played their new single ‘Mind Games’, it’s release the purpose of tonight’s show. The song is captivating, it rises and falls between verse and chorus, tender in places but also with just the right amount of angst. It’s a nice mix, like prosecco and buckfast, gently and bubbly with a crazy personality trying to burst out. Please drink responsibly but listen to Delphi loudly and frequently, especially when they finish a show with a cover of ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’!

Delphi’s next gig is a free show as part of PCL’s summer breakdown where they headline Broadcast in Glasgow on the 26th of July with support from Freakwave & Cara Rose.

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