Live Review: Sun Rose @ Nice ‘N’ Sleazy, Glasgow, 17 Nov 2017

Sun Rose
Photo by Murray Easton.

For Sun Rose this was the night of their album launch The Essential Luxury care of Last Night From Glasgow. For Sun Rose playing live hasn’t as yet been something they have found themselves doing but you couldn’t tell. For the audience, it was a cacophony of instruments and sounds beautifully, expertly put together and executed. Like a recipe when each ingredient is the best and the finest that it can be and what you end up with is a taste sensation. This was a sonic sensation.

They kicked off with the lead single Smirk which was Radio Scotland’s single of the week, rightly so. It lets you know exactly what to expect for the rest of the show which is the sound of everything on a rollercoaster, the synths and the heartbeat pace which increases like the track is running and getting closer to the finishing line. It’s exciting and it sounds it, the way different genres of music are blended together sounds like Sun Rose have created their own genre.

sun rose
Photo by Murray Easton.

Despite this, they are very humble and thankful to all that have attended and to their talented musician friends that have travelled up from Manchester to help them put on the show.

We are then treated to the second single Minima, I thought this was a brave move playing the two best-known songs first but at this stage, I didn’t know that we were going to be treated to a cover of a Pointer Sister’s song and a new song. A new song which was so good I was disappointed it wasn’t on the album but it shows the potential Sun Rose have if they have songs of this standard flowing out of them.

I had heard the album before going to the launch and I did wonder how this electro, techno musical firework display was going to be able to be replicated live. Well just as stated, like a firework display, it wasn’t a long set but it had all the sparkle and wow factor you could wish for.

With songs that burst with energy and vitality downstairs at Sleazy’s may not have been Wembley but it was full of life and people who responded to Sun Rose like they were their favourite band playing at Wembley, which they could well be doing one day with the love that was being shown.

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