Live Review: Wiremother & Madam @ Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

Have you ever wondered what techno would sound like with the voice of a bad ass woman screaming over the top of it?? No? Neither had I but I’m not one to close myself off to such things so off I popped to check it out. Might I add, I don’t even like techno but I do like women so …?

Wiremother is the techno to MAdam’s voice that demands attention! it’s impossible to be in Henry’s Cellar and not feel compelled to buckle up and listen when her voice raises above the beats. The energy behind this makes you feel that you are being called into battle, MAdam is leading the crowd alongside her army of electro blips, beeps and beats which are blasting off like gun fire.

I find my head bopping along, yip my foot is tapping too. The crowd seem well accustomed to such tunes and may have been yearning for a band like this for many years, perhaps since techno appeared on the music scene. I’d like to think I wasn’t the only one who questioning what MAdam was saying, did she just say something about a toaster?? Yeah there it is again definitely a toaster, a hoover??? “I’m a human being”, “I’m a fucking human being” I get the impression there is more to what is being said than I am picking up on but I feel right now I don’t need to know as what I am seeing is a performance as much as anything else! Wiremother stands still at the laptop, sometimes with a little dance but it’s easy to forget he is there as the performance and show is up front and it’s spellbinding and intriguing and leaves you with that “what have I just seen?” question. The answer is something that you don’t see often and why shouldn’t you go experience something a little different, you might learn  about being a human being or the best place to buy your next toaster.

(Side note / handy hint – the smoke machine was rubbish so two guys started vaping onto the stage instead, worked a treat!)

Photo courtesy of Gavin Dougan

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