LohArano: New Band of the Day #259


LohArano’s latest single ‘ANDRIAMBAVITANY’ is out now.

Who: Mahalia Ravoajanahary (vocals/guitar), Michael Raveloson (bass/vocals) and  Natiana Randrianasoloson (drums/vocals).

What: Alternative metal.

Where: Antananarivo, Madagascar

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Why: Now, this is something I have never heard the like of before. LohArano hail from Madagascar and meld traditional Malagasy music such as the ancestral rhythms of Tsapiky and Salegy with alternative metal bands such as System of a Down and Rage Against The Machine.

So far, they have released two tracks. Their most recent single is titled ‘ANDRIAMBAVITANY’ and is a funky and rhythmic blast that starts off like something from Paul Simon’s Graceland album before descending into chunky, old school metal riffs. In short, it is fucking awesome.

Their first single was titled ‘OAY, and shows the band’s System of a Down influence combined with an arrestingly intense performance from vocalist/guitarist Mahalia Ravoajanahary. All we can say is we want more and we want it soon.

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