London Punks FOREIGN FLAG Release Debut Single ‘Pills’

foreign flag pills

Apparently FOREIGN FLAG formed, just two months ago in July, because they, “wanted to play in a band that sounded like the Misfits.” They don’t sound anything like the Misfits. No matter. What they do sound like is a lo-fi, dirty, scuzzy punk band that has an ever so slight touch of surf rock thrown in for a laugh. Perhaps if surf rock had originated in the grimy streets of 1970’s London instead of on the sun drenched beaches of California, it might sound like this.

Their debut single is ‘Pills’. “Pills is sort of about isolation, depression and just feeling a bit out of place, “according to the duo. “Didn’t think I would be writing such a personal song to start off with but I love it. Beats the hell out of singing about girls and love like everybody else.”

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