Long Division 2019 – Saturday Preview

Long Division is a gem of a festival. We’ve been before, we know, and it’s the reason we’re going back this year. The event brings a wide array of culture to the streets and venues of Wakefield. Every town and city should have a Long Division, the world would be a better place.

Overblown are of course going for the music and at Long Division the Saturday is where the lion’s share of the action takes place. Somewhere around 70 bands across a dozen venues. A quick application of Herzog’s variation mathematical theory tells us that there’s over 18,000 different variations of what bands you can go see. We’ve selected just one and forgive us for our self-indulgence. Usually a festival like Long Division we’d be seeking out the new and unfamiliar but this year we’re mainly going for tried and tested favourites. It’s going to be brilliant. Here’s where we’ll be at:

Oh – and that maths bit?? Absolute nonsense. Completely made that up. Not even remotely accurate. We’re not that smart.

SISTER JOHN – Theatre Royal at 14:15
Venues don’t come much better than Wakefield’s Theatre Royal. Grand yet small enough to feel intimate, it’s majesty will suit Sister John down to the ground. The band recently released their eponymous second album which impressively raised the bar from their excellent debut. Expect warming folk rock littered with tenderness and fragility. Relaxing in the dark with the first tipple of the day will get us off to the perfect start.

KNUCKLE – Henry Boons at 15:00
Ok so this is a new one to us but having shared their raucous recent ‘Spilt Milk’ single we suspect this’ll be a bit of a mid-afternoon wake call. We’re expecting some pretty lively garage rock with a strong political message and we’ll be checking out their newly released debut album Life is Hard When Your Soft Inside on our drive down from Glasgow.

CRUEL WORLD – Mechanics at 16:30
The people involved in this band aren’t new to us but other than single ‘Boxer’ and a few sneakily shared demos the music is relatively unknown. Long Division is the first chance we’ll have had to see them play and having read a lot of very positive reviews from their handful of shows so far it’s fair to say we’re excited.

COWTOWN – Mechanics at 18:30
Is it possible to love Cowtown more than we already do? Probably not. Cowtown gigs are loud, fast and frenetic. Their short blasts of sheer bliss are always guaranteed to bring dancing and joy. If you like to surround yourself with positive energy and smiling people then come to this show. We hope they’ll play ‘Emojicore’ which is probably the best song written by anyone ever.

CLOTH – Henry Boons at 19:15
If you’ve seen or heard Cloth before you’ll already be going to see them. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure then trust us, you’ll be mesmerised. Cloth are masters of harmonics and muted guitar strings. The soft vocals are incredible. The drumming is sensational. Three people told me they sound like the XX after the last show I saw them play. Well, yeah, there’s certainly similarities which is no bad thing but Cloth lean more towards an indie guitar background. Quite simply, they’re the best new band around.

BIS – Mechanics at 20:45
Ok. Call us predictable all you want but we’re going straight back to the fun vibe of Cowtown here. Bis also have the best song ever written by anyone ever except they’ve done it over and over again. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but their latest album The Slight Disconnect shows that you can continue to perfect your tricks. Expect high-octane bangers (a word I hate but can’t think of a better one) and insanely infectious choruses from the get-go.

To anyone not already coming to this festival, get involved. To anyone already going, have a brilliant time.

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