Loscil – Ahull – Play It Again, Sam

Loscil - Ahull

I have a bit of a plan (read pipe dream) to save ten grand and then travel the world. After that I am definitely going to settle in Canada. Currently, there is an overabundance of absolutely amazing Canadian bands. From Arcade Fire to Fucked Up to Owen Pallett to Grimes the place is a cesspit of creativity. On top of this, Vancouver ambient/electronic artist Loscil, known as Scott Morgan to his mother, has announced the release date for his next album and released the track “Ahull” as a little teaser for us minions. The record is titled Sea Island and is scheduled for release on November 17th via Kranky.

The track has an overriding sense of foreboding but, dichotomously, is also soothing like a baby’s lullaby. The title of the song is fitting. A sailing vessel that is ahull is abandoned, with decks awash. “Ahull” is a piece that washes over the listener in soft but neverending waves. I can imagine a beached ship, contents strewn about a small cove, slowly succumbing to the repetitive and inevitable destruction of the tide. Relatively peaceful now, but a sense that this is the calm after the storm.

Ambient music is strong right now. If “Ahull” is an indication, Sea Island promises to be another strong addition to the burgeoning scene.