Lovely Eggs Interview: “Definitely No Thumbs”

Monday nights suck. Everyone seems to know this except Holly and Dave of The Lovely Eggs who have every right to be feeling pretty damn good about themselves right now. After all these years of jubilant rock n’ roll party music reaching only a handful of people it appears a corner has been turned. The UK has woken up to the simple joy and ‘Fuck it’ spirit of this band. It’s the kind of well-deserved success story that makes our indie hearts melt.

We’re in their dressing room in Glasgow’s Stereo and it’s the only night of their tour that isn’t sold out. That’s not to say it’s not busy, we’ve seen the Eggs play in front of far, far smaller audiences than this. They’d played in Edinburgh on the previous night, a city that can often feel like a morgue when it comes to gigging but it seems the tables have turned for the Eggs when it comes to Scotland’s biggest two cities. “Yeah it was brilliant, fucking mental really if I’m honest with you,” says Holly, “that’s our currency really, mental idiotic behaviour and the more of it we get, the more at home we feel. If you get a crowd that’s just watching us in silence we feel like fish out of water. It’s when we’re getting shit thrown at us and insults shouted, that’s when we feel at home.” The Glasgow show being a Monday doesn’t seem to deter Holly one little bit, “I’ll be up for it as per”, she explains, “This tour is my holiday, ten weeks”. “Ten Days”, Dave interjects to which Holly responds, “Oh yeah, ten days, it just feels like ten weeks”.

The live show has always been the key element to showcase exactly what kind of chaos the Lovely Eggs thrive in. They’ve never been a band that can only lift themselves for a sold out crowd as Holly explains, “Each gig has its own personality and it’s not just the rammed gigs that are the best, sometimes you can play to about twenty people and it can be amazing. Like we’ve been going eleven years now so it’s really hard to say what our favourite gig has been but the busy ones are good cause it’s a shock to us to play to that many people, like shit, we’ve played for ten years to nobody so for us to play to sold out shows is a novelty that has not worn off yet for us”.

For the last decade The Lovely Eggs have been a major part of the UK’s DIY scene. Order a record from them and you’re most likely to have received it in the mail alongside an amusing handwritten note. We ask if they’re still making it along to many gigs other than their own. “I think Cate Le Bon was the last one” says Holly, Dave adds, “Getting a babysitter can be hard. We try to book all our own supports now so we can see bands we like”. What other bands are they into just now turns into a question lead by our current location. “Breakfast Muff, Fallope and the Tubes, Spinning Coin I think are really good and Cosmic Dead, they’re fucking great, the drummer is doing our merch tonight”. Holly’s right, these bands are all great. If you’re loving the Lovely Eggs right now then do yourself a favour and check all of these out too.

We know they’ll have been asked a million times before but we need to know where the band name comes from. There’s a French movie called ‘Harry, He’s Here to Help’ which is certainly weird but contains many egg references. “No, it’s not from that”, Holly shuts us down pretty quickly but the actual reason for the name feels particularly perfect. Holly hits out with the story, “I used to live in Paris and David would come to visit me and this pigeon had laid two eggs in an abandoned nest on the windowsill and we were doing music while the eggs were incubating”. David picks this up, “We were starting (the band) about the same time, so we were formed and then they hatched”. Lovely Eggs indeed.

Regular Overblown readers will know we take this music stuff seriously and through our questioning we like to delve into exactly what makes a band tick. Tonight it feels like that approach is for another time, let’s ask some stupid but entertaining ‘would you rather’ questions. It all gets pretty silly pretty quickly.

Overblown: Would you rather be able to talk with the animals or speak every language in the world?
Dave: I’d like to speak every language as I have trouble travelling.
Holly: I’d like to talk with the animals actually I think as I’d like to know what they think about us.
Dave: Well if you do one I could do the other.
We’re quickly realising the perils of asking would you rather questions to a couple…
O: Would you rather have no thumbs or no knees?
Holly: No thumbs, definitely no thumbs
Dave: No knees
Holly: Cause if you had no knees you couldn’t walk
Dave: You could walk but you’d have to walk funny
Holly: No you couldn’t, you couldn’t walk at all if you had no knees
Dave: Yeah you could have straight legs
Holly: No but the bottom of your leg wouldn’t be attached to the top of your leg
Dave: You could get a Segway
Holly: Whatever, I’d rather have no thumbs
Dave: You wouldn’t be able to play guitar though
Holly: Yeah I would, I’d play like that (illustrates playing guitar with no thumbs).
O: Would you rather have a shit band cover one of your songs or have to go on tour with a shit band for two weeks?
Holly: Oh God these are fucking great aren’t they? They’re really hard
Dave: I’d rather have to travel with a shit band cause at least then you don’t have to have that stored for posterity
Holly: See I’d rather the opposite because I don’t have to listen to it if a shit band does a cover
O: What if it goes to number one and you have to hear it wherever you go, like with Dolly Parton and Whitney?
Dave: Yeah, she made a lot of money out of that
Holly: I know what you mean but I like to play with people I like when I’m on tour they can’t be arsey and shit
Dave: You could just wear really heavy duty ear plugs
Holly: No but you can forget about it, if some ones recorded something you can forget about it but if you’re on tour you’re stuck with them aren’t ya so that’s what I say.

As the chat descends into unfathomable depths about whether people would rather be a pirate or a Viking (pirates for the rum of course) we sensibly decide not to waste any more of these lovely people’s time, there’s a stage to be set alight. The Eggs crack on with the show in their own inimitable style and, Monday night or not, the fun is truly infectious. The final ‘Would you rather’ question is for you, the readers. Would you rather be bring the joy of the Lovely Eggs into your life or not? It’s a rhetorical question.

The Lovely Eggs released the quite magnificent This Is Eggland on Friday 23rd Feb. Go visit your favourite independent record store or get one right here

There’s an ever growing list of tour dates here. 

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