Low Four To Occupy Old Granada Studios

low four

Launch Show On 27th May.

A new music project named Low Four is set to launch based at Manchester’s iconic Granada Studios. The studio and online music platform aims to to add to the building’s musical legacy by hosting, streaming and archiving its own television-style, online music programming.

Utilising a six camera, ultra HD video system, the team behind the project will be recording live performances of established international artists and also emerging local talent. There will also be an audience viewing balcony, meaning that these recordings, along with other special events, parties, and concerts, will be made open to the public.

The first of which will feature Everything Everything and will live stream on lowfour.tv on May 27th. Follow Low Four on Twitter to find out how to get tickets

Everything Everything’s Michael Spearman: “We’re really excited to help launch what will be an incredible new project for Manchester, and to play in front of our fans in such an iconic, intimate space. We visited Low Four before committing and were taken aback by the live room. It’ll be a very different experience to a regular gig as it’s such a detailed sonic environment, and as result less forgiving so it’ll keep us on our toes.”

The larger goal of the studio is to reflect and reaffirm Manchester’s reputation for music and to nurture new talent directly. They will grant free recording time to new artists along with access to to the studio’s production and development team. Anyone will be able to apply through the Low Four website.

Low Four’s Dan Parrott: “We want to help and enable the best local artists to take that next step by giving them not just exposure but an incredible and inspiring space to record in. We envisage a hub for musical excellence and a focal point for those looking in on the contemporary Manchester music scene. Yes, we’ll celebrate and play upon the studios heritage but our sights are firmly set to the future.”

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