Lull Interview: “We’ve Got Some Massive Songs In The Pipeline”

lull interview

Lull is a mongrel. Comprising one Portuguese chap, one northerner, and two southerners, they play a noisy and quite delightful shoegaze that ebbs and flows with ease between melody and destruction while hanging around in London probably sipping tea and cow tipping. Who knows? At any rate, they’re pretty damn good, and were nice enough to spare the time to talk to us between bouts of prostitutes and cocaine. Their new self titled EP will be out on June 2nd via Plastic Fish Records. Overblown has heard it. It’s the bees knees. We love talking to bands. Read more of our interviews.

Overblown: So there’s an EP that The Smashing Pumpkins released in 1991 called Lull. Any link to your name?

Lull: We’re all huge fans of the Pumpkins but the name was more a way to describe our sound, that loud-quiet dynamic, where tension bubbles into something bigger only to simmer down again. We toyed with song names from other bands, but nothing quite fit. I think there’s a Filipino band called Mayonnaise though, so the dream lives on.

O: Your music has often been compared to My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and The Smashing Pumpkins. How do you feel about these comparisons?

L: It’s flattering to hear yourself in the same sentence as these bands that at one time you had up on your wall, that had such an influence on your playing. We’re grateful for it but don’t see it as limiting. It’s good to get the split of bands like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, droning and introspective, alongside the other rockier comparisons.

O: The artwork for your upcoming EP is quite striking. Who created that?

L: It’s by an American painter, Henry Golden Dearth. It has all these vivid colours but we were drawn to a small cluster of rocks, all blues and greens. There’s a tension between the serene colours and the muted violence of the ocean we felt pulled in by.

Lull interview
Artwork for Lull’s self-titled EP

O: You have a song called ‘Bubble Tea’, but what exactly is bubble tea?

L: Bubble Tea is a drink from Taiwan made from sweet tea in varying flavours and these little alien balls of chewy tapioca sitting at the bottom. It looks totally exciting and interesting, but tastes like shit. The song isn’t about the drink per se, but that feeling of finding something beautiful, only for it to end sourly.

O: On the new EP, the song ‘Diving’ is nearly a waltz. How did that song come about?

L : I wrote ‘Diving’ years ago as an acoustic song, the skipping rhythm just seemed to fit best with the chords and words. It has that feel of listing on the waves so that sort of rolling pattern works. When we gave it the full-band treatment all these little motifs of the ocean started appearing, mimicking swells and horns, but alas, no seagulls. Next time.

O: There seems to be a bit of a shoegaze revival going on at the moment with bands from all over the world popping up with really cool music. Do you feel you are a part of that movement?

L: I guess we fit into a noisy pop sort of category. Whether shoegaze really exists anymore I don’t know. It felt like it was a term coined more in jest than anything else and its significance was kind of phased out. The influence on other bands has always there, but it’s fascinating to see its reach stretching beyond the local drip-feed of psych bands and into mainstream music.

O: What’s next on the to-do list for Lull?

L: Our four-track EP, ‘Lull’, drops in Europe and the US on the 2nd June. We just played an insane show in Portugal and are now getting back into shows this side of the pond. We have some massive songs in the pipeline so watch out for a future release.

O: What are some London bands that our readers should be checking out right now?

I’m not from London so I gotta rep the rest of the UK too!


USA Nails – Drone/thrash/rock, all good

Screen Wives – Discordant riffs to rival Jeromes Dream


La Bête Blooms – We played a show with these guys and their sound was insane.

Simmer – Heavy heavy heavy, with beautiful, expressive chords.

International bonus

The Holydrug Couple – Bendy, warped lo-fi, with vocals like the great China Crisis or Lotus Eaters

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