THE LUMES – ‘Slow’ | Overblown Video Premiere

the lumes

Upcoming mini-LP ENVY is out on October 6 2017.

It makes total sense. 100%. Mix noise rock and post punk. It works too. Are you surprised? I’m not. THE LUMES bring and oppressive and cacophonous sound that is both endearing and imposing. We’re deligthed to premiere their video for ‘Slow’, which will also feature on their upcoming new mini-LP ENVY.

We had a chat with the band about the track and the seven deadly sins. Watch the video and have a read.

Overblown: Your new single is called ‘Compulsion’. What compulsions do you suffer from?

The Lumes: Yes, don’t you?

Overblown: Your first EP was called ‘Lust’. The new mini LP is called ‘Envy’. Do I see a theme here?

The Lumes: We know what you’re hinting at, but no.. maybe. Yes.

Overblown: Are you fans of the David Fincher film Se7en?

The Lumes: We know what you’re hinting at and yes, we are. It didn’t inspire us to commit murder though. .

Overblown: What drew you away from the shoegaze tinges in your earlier music towards a more caustic, noise rock / post punk approach?

The Lumes: We think it mostly developed by playing live. It isn’t really something we were working towards, but we noticed that we enjoyed playing more aggressive live-show. At the moment, we’re actually trying to slow the tempo down a bit, since we get exhausted and want to play longer sets.

Overblown: Who created the artwork for the record? What is the concept behind it?

The Lumes: It is a statue made by one of our sisters. She also created the artwork of our first EP lust. It is a statue of a woman that’s stuck in a tree. It might symbolise the struggle of trying to fit in with society while you clearly can’t.

Overblown: Do you think that the current political climate has an influence on your music?

The Lumes: No, we try to avoid politics as much as possible.

Overblown: You have a number of gigs on the way in the Netherlands and Germany. Any plans to go further afield?

The Lumes: We would love to do more shows in Germany (hi Germany) or elsewhere in Europe (hi elsewhere in Europe). We’ve noticed that it’s pretty difficult with our music, but we’re hoping this mini LP will open some new doors.

Overblown: Noise rock or post punk? What’s your preference?

The Lumes: Definitely Noise Punk or Post Noise.. whatever you like most!

Upcoming Shows:

6-Oct V11, Rotterdam
7-Oct Brigant, Arnhem
13-Oct OCCII, Amsterdam
21-Oct Vera Downstage, Groningen
25-Oct Submarine x Grauzone, The Hague
4-Nov Internet Explorer, Berlin

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