The Luxembourg Signal – ‘Are You Numb?’ | Overblown Track Premiere

The Luxembourg Signal

New album Blue Field is out on October 13th via Shelflife Records.

Since the release of their debut album in 2014, LA based dream pop outfit The Luxembourg Signal have quickly built a loyal following for their synth fueled and hazy brand of music. Their new album Blue Field, produced by Mark Rains, is a bolder and more accomplished affair. Bouyed by their successes, group now seem a more confident and vibrant proposition.

We are pretty delighted to release the latest track to see release from their sophomore effort. It’s amid tempo effort with an ominous synth and a simple, but effective, chord progression that hooks itself under the listeners skin with aplomb and ease. It remains fairly upbeat, but there’s an threatening undertone full of foreboding that adds a danger to the band that has hitherto been unexplored.

Check it out below.

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