Magic Potion Interview: “A Heavy Metal Ass Grind Core Of A Pop Burner”

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Debut EP Melt  Out June 1st

Swedish dreamy slacker popsters Magic Potion caused a significant splash with their debut single ‘Deep Web‘, which was only released in February. It grabbed both PNKSLM Recordings (home to Les Big Byrd, Sudakistan, HOLY, Lucern Raze) and Beech Coma by the balls. What ensued was a hi octane bidding war that nearly came to blows. Luckily, Magic Potion chilled it all out by decided to work with both labels. Good lads. As a result, their debut EP Melt will be released through PNKSLM and Beech Coma as a cassette and t-shirt combo on June 1st.

They also, generously, took the time to chat with us here at Overblown about wanting all the dollarz, their tour plans, and their upcoming debut LP which is scheduled for release before the end of 2015. P.S. We’ve heard Melt. It is really quite splendid. Go and buy it now. Tell ’em Overblown sent ya.

Overblown: Thanks for taking the time to chat with Overblown. Tell us how the band formed.

Magic Potion: We’re all friends since before and basically gathered around the idea to have as much fun as possible around making music and not overthink stuff too much while doing it. Earning a lot of dollarz is super important as well, making ourselves “a name” in the industry.

O: You record your music on reel-to-reel tape. What are the benefits of recording in this fashion?

MP: There are benefits in being limited to just a few tracks and not having like a million options to do everything in, overdubbing etc. And because it’s a pain in the ass most of the time to edit and cut with tape we basically do one-takes which sometimes leads to good vibes.

Basically it’s a nice feeling to not have to stare into a computer screen when recording.  We obviously like the sound of the tape machine as well. It’s been glued together a couple of times and have its own ways of dealing with what we shove in it.

O: Your debut EP Melt is coming out on PNKSLM Recordings and as a cassette and t-shirt bundle via cult UK DIY label Beech Coma. How did this arrangement come about?

O: Both Beech Coma and PNKSLM reached out to us after “Deep Web” was released and we really liked the mindset of both labels. They had some cool ideas on how we could collaborate and we’re super happy about how it turned out.

O: There has been a pretty overwhelmingly positive response to your music so far. Has this immediate response surprised you?

MP: Yeah, it’s been really heartening and encouraging to find that some people seem to like our tunes.

O: You have been labelled ‘slacker pop’ in some quarters. How do you feel about being labelled ‘slackers’? I know some musicians, such as Courtney Barnett, resent the implications of the term ‘slacker’.

MP: There’s so many different kinds of pop music and people come up with all these labels so they can tell their friends what something sounds like. Suddenly there’s something called “slacker pop” because the recordings are somewhat lo-fi, the drums are not quantized and the band don’t auto-tune their vocals.

We don’t have any problems with people calling our music whatnot as long as we don’t come off as undevoted people who don’t give a shit about what we do.

O: Any touring plans in support of Melt?

MP: We’re playing some shows around Sweden in the summer/post-summer to get some experience and trying out new super mega cheddar licks. We’ll see what happens – we’d love to go play in other countries as well if there’s any demand in the showbizz market.

O: What can you tell us about your debut LP, which is scheduled to be released before the end of the year via PNKSLM Recordings?

MP: We’ve been reading a lot of affectionate love poems from the likes of Harald Treutiger and done a lot of Indian healing therapy. That will probably to some extent have an effect on the  sounds. Other than that, there’s not much to say at this point except it’s going to be a heavy metal ass grind core of a pop burner.

O: What Swedish bands should our readers being keeping an eye out for?

MP: Bromma Disco

HOLY (also on PNKSLM Recordings)

Moon City Boys


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