Mark W. Georgsson – ‘Comes A Time’ EP | Premiere

mark w. georgsson

Mark W. Georgsson’s new EP Comes A Time is out on August 14th via Last Night From Glasgow.

The exciting aspect of listening to the new EP from Glasgow based singer-songwriter Mark W. Georgsson is that you’re not quite sure what you’re going to get from each track. Take his new EP Comes A Time, at times it is reminiscent of the orchestral pop of The Beatles, elsewhere it calls to mind Sufjan Stevens at his most delicate and reflective, before heading into ’70s country Neil Young vibes. Constantly surprising, the EP is wonderful addition of Georgsson’s discography following the Celtic/Nordic/Americana mix match of his debut album Faces And Places which was released back in 2017.

Today, we are pretty stoked to be premiering the entire new EP from Georgsson. Listen below and read Mark’s thoughts on each song from the EP.

1Ode To Rannvá

I’d had the music with the Celtic/Nordic guitar melody written for quite a while. I’d also written and scrapped two or three sets of different lyrics as ideas for the song, I just wasn’t happy with any of them. Then one Saturday morning I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across an Instagram story posted by a landscape photographer from the Faroe Islands. I commented on the story simply saying what I got out of the story. The photographer replied to me saying, that what I got from it, was exactly what she was trying to portray in the photos/story, as though I’d read her mind. That conversation became the lyrics to the song, the photographer’s name… Rannvá.

2Waiting For You

I co-wrote this song with an old school friend of mine who’d just become a new dad. We used to jam this on the guitars and I’d always liked the vibe, but, I’d never written lyrics for it. So, one night we went for a few beers and I asked him what it was like to be a new dad (and step-dad to his girlfriend’s other daughter) and that is what the song is about. It’s also reflected in the music with the upbeat and jaunty piano, the spacey, floaty, and chilled out middle section leading to the chaotic outro. Ultimately, that’s what he said fatherhood was like, great fun, although you take the peace and quiet when you can get it before the madness starts again. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him and he wouldn’t change a thing.

3True Love

This song kind of is what it is. Hopefully, you find true love. If you’ve lost it, hopefully true love will find you once again. Love and kindness are the greatest things we can give, and receive in life.

4One Of A Kind

The whole sound and vibe of the EP was built around this song and getting it the way that I wanted it to be. I was trying to write a song that sounded like The Beatles (which not as easy as people think it is). I wrote One Of A Kind one Sunday morning after seeing one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen walk into a bar the night before. I’ve not seen her again since. There’s also another subtle narrative going on in the song too, which is noticing when people that are close to you are maybe not okay, but they don’t say it, but for you then say to them, look, I’m here for you if you ever need me.

5Hanging Around

I co-wrote this song my mate Kieran Webster, who is the songwriter and bassist for the Scottish indie band The View. I already had the chords, melody and a few lyrics. So, one day I invited Kieran over to my flat to work on it. We thrashed out the idea, took a break, went for a pint, then went back over to the flat and finished it off. It’s a very honest song. It’s about addiction, dependencies, insecurities, anxiety, depression, ups and downs, highs and lows. But, it’s also about hope and hanging on in there, and fighting for yourself and the people you care about and love the most.

6Comes A Time

This song is probably the most complex song, musically, on the record. But, it probably came together the quickest. The guys just seemed to get my vision for it bang on and nailed it straight away in the rehearsal room and in the studio too. It’s simply about realising that it’s time to do what you really need to do, and then actually going ahead and doing it. I think that’s a battle we all face in life at some point.

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