Marriage + Cancer – ‘Marriage + Cancer’ | Track by Track

Marriage + Cancer is out now via Self Sabotage Records.

On February 9th, Portland noise rock quartet Marriage + Cancer unleashed their self-titled debut album on the world. Sitting somewhere between the modern freneticism of Irish group Girl Band and the violent anger of classic noise rock, the band craft tracks of acerbic glory that chomp at your ankles. There’s dark humour (‘God Is Tan’) and political critique (‘Command + Comply’). Mostly, there’s banging tunes.

We sat down with the group recently and they took us through each track from the album. They are angry young men.

1Command + Comply

This song is basically about witnessing cop, after cop, after cop, after cop jumping on people (who were unarmed and never resisting in the first place), and beating on them, and the end result is the death of another non-threatening individual. I watch this, + wonder ‘What the fuck is going on? The person is not resisting, but still being tased + smothered by these relentless, bloodthirsty cops.’ ACAB 100%

2God Is Tan

I had a funny (yet PRETTY damn corny) thought one day about what ‘god’s’ complexion might look like if he/she/it were real + just chillin’ up there on top of the clouds. Not much to this one…. just kind of a joke, much like (organized) religion is.

3Honour, On Our Knees

Yet another song written about police brutality. I often wonder what makes these cops numb enough to live with all of the brutal murdering of innocent people, + just go on with life as normal (as they are almost always acquitted) + somehow sleep at night + tuck their families in, while other families are being torn apart.


Ha, yup……you guessed it……ANOTHER song about cops, but THIS one is a happy one (to me). It’s about the 5 cops killed in Dallas in 2016. I mean, they HAD to expect a reaction from all of their murdering of unarmed POC + people struggling with mental illness. I’ve wondered for years about when this day would happen, + I can’t say I feel bad about this event. Sorry, but not sorry. R.I.P Micah Xavier Johnson

5Six Feet + a Box

This one was written after I learned about the human trash that is Julien Blanc, who claims to be a ‘dating coach’ by teaching men the ways of sexual assault via expensive seminars. There are others like him, but he might be the most ‘famous’ that I am aware of. It was infuriating to find out that this is actually a thing + men are this dumb (I mean, I am aware that so many men are trash, but wow). Look him up if you’re unaware.

6Flora + Fauna

I was inspired to write this song after the rapist known as Brock Turner was let off with a slap on the wrist for his disgusting crime. I wasn’t surprised because white men continue to walk this earth doing as they please. Lyrically it is not just about Brock, but all the other Brock Turners’ out there. The title was taken from the open letter that the victim had written describing the aftermath while still in the hospital + I quote: ‘The three of us worked to comb the pine needles out of my hair, six hands to fill one paper bag. To calm me down, they said it’s just the flora and fauna, flora and fauna.’


Basically, this is just a song about feeling like the fight will never end, for anyone fighting, regardless of what the fight is for. + if the fight DOES end (I can’t thank of any that have, fully), a new fight begins. An endless ‘Tug of war’, except not evenly matched.

8Thirteen Stairs

This is about when I was a kid, + running from my abuser, how I used to count the stairs while running up them as I was being chased to try + escape yet another session of abuse. The counting of stairs turned into this habit, where I now count stairs every time I encounter them. It gets pretty weird when riding on escalators, although I always walk up them, but how many steps ARE there?

9View From a Cross

This one is about the ignorant, religious hypocrites who have absolutely no idea of what they are preaching about, + who selfishly live to oppress people (mainly women + people with sexual orientations/preferences that they believe to be a ‘sin’).

OK! I could basically write a song every day about this fucked up, intolerant world we have to live in.

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