Martha – 1967, I Miss You, I’m Lonely – Play It Again, Sam

I’m Not A Connoisseur, I’m Monolingual And Absurd

I have man flu and I wasn’t going to post a song of the day today. I was going to get in bed with some nasty food, some beer and watch The Internship. But! I was perusing London based label Fortuna POP!’s stable of artists in preparation for their showcase in The Shacklewell Arms next Saturday when I came across this indie pop gem. The four piece from Durham released their debut album in May. It’s called Courting Strong, and I’m currently trying to wangle a free copy from El Presidente at Fortuna POP! so that I can review (or really just to get free records).

“1967, I Miss You, I’m Lonely”, is bouncy, peppy and has an off kilter lyrical sense. In the tune, the narrator mistakenly asks someone named Frank and an unnamed other back to his for some “mange tout”, when he fact meant a “menage a trois”, embarrassment ensues. They’re kind of like a less leery and beery Libertines. Ramshackle good fun. Rambunctious shenanigans. You should probably give them a listen. If you don’t like them you have no soul (don’t worry, you don’t have one anyway!).

Here be their upcoming gigs:

August 1st – 1 in 12 Club Bradford (with Petrol Girls, The Exhausts).
August 2nd – London (with Joanna Gruesome, Spook School and loads of other cool bands)
August 18th- The Cluny, Newcastle (with Jeff Lewis and Skull Puppies)
August 22nd- Nottingham, The Chameleon (with Horowitz)
August 23rd- London (Venue TBC)
August 24th – Durham, Empty Shop (with The Middle Ones, Colour Me Wednesday and Hallie + the Annies) [ALL AGES]
September 6th – Manchester – The Klondyke Club (with Broken Arm, Nightflowers + more) –
September 18th- Birmingham (Venue TBC)
September 19th- Brighton, West Hill Hall [ALL AGES]
September 20th- Southsea Fest, Portsmouth
September 21st- Liverpool (Venue TBC)

Martha – 1967, I Miss You, I’m Lonely – iTunes Download