Math Rock: black midi Share New Track ‘John L’, Announce New Album

Photo by Dan Kendall.

black midi’s new album Cavalcade is due for release on May 28th via Rough Trade

Up-and-coming math rock outfit black midi have just released ‘John L’, the lead single off their forthcoming sophomore album Cavalcade. The track is on par with the chaotic and eccentric behaviour the band had already accustomed us to with their debut Schlagenheim, released back in 2019. This time however, it seems the band is doubling down on their frenetic energy ripe with dissonant chords and mind-boggling tempos.

Above is the complementary video for the track. Because describing its bizarre and fascinating imagery with mere words would prove an herculean task, I would simply recommend taking a look for yourself.

Cavalcade album artwork:

Cavalcade tracklist:

1. John L
2. Marlene Dietrich
3. Chondromalacia Patela
4. Slow
5. Diamond Stuff
6. Dethroned
7. Hogwash and Balderdash
8. Ascending Forth

Cavalcade is available to pre-order here.

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