Meantime: New Band of the Day #270


Meantime’s debut album Absent, in Recovery is out now.

Who:  Stefan Klein – Guitars / Bass / Programming / Arrangements
Adam Stanley – Vocals / Lyrics. Drums recorded by Garrett Hawkins in Nashville, TN.

What: Alternative Metal

Where: London, UK.

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Why: London, UK based alt metal outfit Meantime is the brainchild of two ex-pats. Namely, Slovakian Stefan Klein and South African Adam Stanley. Apparently, the two bonded over their love of huge guitar sounds and 90s/00s rock. So they bonded and soon crafted some epically huge alt metal tracks that call to mind Filter at their most anthemic

‘Mirrors’, from the band’s debut album Absent, in Recovery is a solid example. Led by a pummeling bassline, the song quickly settles into an enormous sounding mid tempo stomp and Stanley’s post-grunge vocal stylings. And that chorus! She’s a big one. Fair dues, lads.

Another highlight is ‘Tightrope’, which has Scott Weiland written all over it. In his prime. Yep, it’s that good.

Find Meantime on Bandcamp.

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