Meltcitizen: New Band of the Day #247

melt citizen

Meltcitizen’s debut EP Dullard is out now.

Who: No name given.

What: Garage punk.

Where: El Paso, Texas.

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Why: Apparently, this is the sound of “A 1/3rd life crisis set to lofi garage rock.” That seems about right to us. This one man garage punk outfit hails from El Paso, Texas. We have no name for the ringleader of these tormentors but we do know that meltcitizen’s debut EP Dullard is out now.

It kicks off with the punky blast of ‘Gonna Find Me a Genie with a Magic Bikini’. Stop-start guitars, tons of energy, weird background synths and a catchy melody lead the day here. Imagine a sound kind of like the Hives if the Hives didn’t bother getting a record producer.

Next up is ‘Hex Valeria’. A more restrained and mid-tempo number this owes more allegiance to mid 90s alt-rock in the vein of Weezer. We can’t really hear the lyrics but my guess is that this is about unrequited love. Maybe.

‘Ript Liverz’ takes us back into uptown punk mode. Power chords, plenty of attitude and pounding drums. Also, meltcitizen has a knack for dynamics.

Things finish out with the title track. Again a more mid-tempo number, this one has big guitars but is definitely somewhat mournful and reflective. Have a bang off it.

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