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melted bodies

Melted Bodies’ new album Enjoy Yourself is out now.

“Hey, how crazy of an album do you think we can put together?” This (or something among these lines) was most likely the question Melted Bodies had in mind when they were deciding on what course of action to take with their latest album Enjoy Yourself. The L.A. based experimental metal quartet took it upon themselves to create what is probably one of the weirdest yet most refreshing records this current year.

Then again, labelling Melted Bodies as just an “experimental band” doesn’t really do it justice. They experiment, that is more than certain, but it is done to such a boundary-breaking extent that it becomes impossible to recognize where one genre ends and the other begins. Sometimes it’s metal. But if it’s not metal, it’s punk. And if it’s not punk, it’s industrial. And if it’s not industrial, it’s whatever amount of unexpected and indescribable concoctions they feel like throwing at you. What is even more striking is how Enjoy Yourself is, for the most part, capable of tenaciously fitting seemingly incongruous compositions in the most unimaginable places and make it an altogether fun and enjoyable listen.

The record is impressive not only from a technical standpoint, but through the band’s ability to sound cohesive and surprisingly harmonious. Every component plays to its counterpart’s strength. The wide variety and range of the vocal performances, the expansive and reverberating instrumentals, and the innovative artistic direction – all thoroughly complemented by the great production value – work together as a unit that devolves into a new standard of creativity where deconstruction is king.

There really is no time for delicacies here. When the band isn’t busy just bashing your eardrums with whatever manner of destructiveness they have in stock, they’re usually delivering some whimsical and clever lines. But, as most things of whimsical nature are, their humorousness can swiftly turn into annoyance, and that can certainly be the case in some instances on the record. Furthermore, on rare occasion some ideas don’t stick the landing all that well and end up feeling unwelcome more than they add to a song’s intrinsic value. Luckily, these occurrences are not all that frequent when compared to the greater scheme of experimentation the album endorses. But even then – solid as the track listing may be – you’ll still find some tracks to be more fully realised than others, and while tracks such as ‘The Abbot Kinney Pedophiles’ or ‘Meat Cleanse’ don’t diminish the record’s best qualities in the least, they can feel slightly underwhelming when contrasted with the display of raw power of ‘Eat Cops’, ‘Ad People’, or ‘Club Anxious’.

At the end of the day, Melted Bodies is a band that understands that it doesn’t need to take itself too seriously to be taken seriously, and that’s precisely what makes this album so exhilarating to listen to. Above all else, they’ve grasped the concept of properly using comedic means as an incisive vessel to combat some of society’s less desirable idiosyncrasies. Ultimately however, it’s really all about enjoying yourself, and the band have made sure if you give this record a spin, you most likely will.

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