Meltybrains? Stream New Track “IV”

Meltybrains? Stream New Track

Let’s not kid anyone, Meltybrains? is a dodgy name. It’s the kind of name that can seriously hamstring a band. It has happened before. Some fine bands have been seriously undone by their ill-chosen monikers. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead to name just one. Regardless, Dublin’s genre bending quintet are something quite special.

It’s as if the band have a giant bowl, into which they have thrown unmeasured amounts of hip hop, IDM, and contemporary classical music and simply whipped out a giant whisk and gone to town on the sweet and sour mix. Their latest release is a double-A side single with “IV” keeping things afloat on one side, while the flipside “Donegal” keeps all in order on the other. It’s a strange affair. Enjoy!

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