Melvins Documentary ‘The Colossus Of Destiny’ Launches Kickstarter Campaign

melvins documentary kickstarter

The creators behind the forthcoming Melvins documentary The Colossus of Destiny: A Melvins Tale have launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of the project featuring artwork donated by Haze XXL, Brian Walsby, Arik Roper, Skinner, Mackie Osborne, worn pairs of Dale Crover’s gloves, and a Batting Cage party with the ‘Melvins family’.

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Foo Fighters have a documentary. It’s only fair Melvins have one too.

The documentary, scheduled for release in early 2016, is the lovechild of Bob Hannam, and Ryan Sutherby, who met through a mutual love of the Melvins. They had one simple question. “We kept asking ourselves why no one had ever made a film about the Melvins,” explained Hannam.  “What an incredible story and twisted tale both Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover have taken.  There aren’t many bands who can say they’ve influenced some of the most popular artists of our generation and done it in every instance according to their own rules, still as important, if not more so, some 32 years after forming.”

If you don’t know who Melvins are, get the fuck off my website.

Watch the trailer below:

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