Mental Health: New Band of the Day #268

mental health

Mental Health’s debut album Trying Hard Enough is out now.

Who: Nick Russell – Guitar/Vocals, Ben Mott – Guitar, Jamison Gladysz – Drums and Keanan Holness – Bass.

What: Alternative Rock

Where: Vancouver, Canada.

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Why: Okay, well this isn’t exactly new per se. But, we love it. Mental Health hail from Vancouver in Canada and released their debut album Trying Hard Enough a full three years ago. We only just heard it now though. It is a fuzzy, lo-fi, emo tinged jam.

‘Ritual Smiles’, with its contradictory laidback and yet urgent Dinosaur Jr vibe, is a definite highlight. This is alt-rock of the heartfelt variety. Without all that wanky faux emotion that came with post-grunge. Ew. That shit stinks. Mental Health passes a stool in good trim.

Another jam we dig is ‘Strike A Match’. Once again, this one has a big big heart. Having said that, it does have more of a motorik post-punk drum beat to it. It’s more angular all over. More Sonic Youth I guess. But, Sonic Youth, without all the sneering attitude. There’s a big chorus on this beaut too. Dunno why these folks didn’t get more attention three years ago!

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