Mercyfox: 5 Things That Inspired ‘Bleed’

Debut EP out later this year.

The first time you watch the video for ‘Bleed’ by Danish dance punks Mercyfox you will be unnerved. I certainly was. There’s something very unsettling about watching a girl dance around, having the time of her life, and puking blood all over herself. The track is a jam.

“We were thinking about the world’s fascination with the selfie culture – and that it would be amazing if the Kardashians, Jenners and Trumps of the world would post pictures of themselves while puking up blood. Something different and unexpected. We’d love that,” say Mercyfox of the video.

That’s all well and good, but we wanted to know more about the song itself. So we asked them.

1. Christ

The Western world as we know it was brought up by Christianity and its often carnal imagery. Macabre killings, the blood of Christ, the body of Christ, a perverse mutilation on a cross etc.� But still we’re all often uncomfortable with our own bodies in all kinds of ways. Even repulsed by them, our own flesh and blood and what is only natural. We don’t think there’s any need for that and we made a song about it.

2. Party

We strive to create chaotic danceable tunes and intense party vibes. Hopefully ‘Bleed’ can do the trick. We would like people to go nuts and bring forth their most ugly and bizarre dance moves and feel proud about them at the same time.

3. Frustration

As much as ‘Bleed’ is a party song, it’s also a cry of frustration towards the world we live in. A reaction to all the weird things happening out there. But no matter how hopeless it all can seem, let’s get together and embrace the strange and get fired up with a bloody smile on our faces.

4. Vanity

Social medias make you feel lonely and suicidal. They’re soaked in people obsessed with their own vanity and ’Bleed’ is a comment on the depressingly perfect social media celebrities and their nice and shiny plastic skin and perfect duck faces. Perfection is death and emptiness. We would love it if all those social media gurus would do something different when they post all their selfies. Maybe puke up blood, that’d be amazing.

5. Riot

Hopefully ‘Bleed’ will encourage a couple of girls and boys out there to make a change, start a riot or just to be a full blown weirdo and do something different than what the norm porn tells you. The more different you are, the better. Different is what makes the world evolve and spin. The lyrics for ‘Bleed’ are taking the piss out of people controlled by apathy, lust for power or being too self obsessed, so keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let all the bloodless, gutless, cold hearted bastards of the world win.

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