Meredith Graves Launches New Label Honor Press, First Signing So Stressed

meredith graves record label honor press

Meredith Graves, of Perfect Pussy fame, has announced the first release from her newly formed record label, Honor Press. The label will release So Stressed’s The Unlawful Trade of Greco-Roman Art on May 25th. Stream the first single from the LP ‘Merv King and the Phantoms’ above.

So Stressed, a Sacramento based post-hardcore three piece, claim that their focus on perfection meant that the record took two years to complete, with fully realised tracks being ditched if one band member was unhappy with the final product. The result is a tense and violent record focused on emotional distress and social reservation. In its two minute blast of fury and angst, first single ‘Merv King and the Phantoms’ is a good example of the record’s focus.

Graves is also said to be planning to release a solo album this year, and is a planning  a split with fellow Brooklynite Kevin Devine. Evidently, Graves likes to keep busy. Let’s hope she still has time for her absolutely awesome main band!

So Stressed The Unlawful Trade of Greco-Roman Art artwork:

meredith graves record label honor press


1. Cupcake Sister
2. Apple Hill
3. Merv King & The Phantoms
4. White Juice
5. Nervous Around Punks
6. Lisps
7. Cinnamon Death
8. Flirting With A Cop
9. Sleep Wave
10. Covered In Hair
11. Burger Brother
12. Needs No Chill

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