Mi Mye share ‘I Think Everything’s Gonna Be Fine’

There’s beauty in every last well thought out note of ‘I Think Everything’s Gonna Be Fine’, the new song from Mi Mye. It’s a delicate, sensitive soul, a song that perfectly captures all those moments of tiredness and dread that you desperately want to let escape. The vocals are brittle but beautiful, the guitars and keys meander playfully throughout. There’s not much other than the lyrics to suggest it’ll all be ok in the end but somehow it all melds together and provides a gentle ray of light. Close your eyes and focus on this song, it’ll make the soluble world around you dissolve away. It really is gonna be fine.

Mi Mye are a Wakefield based band led by Scottish vocalist and guitarist Jamie Lockhart. ‘I think everything’s Gonna Be Fine’ is the first track to be released from Mi Mye’s album The Sympathy Sigh.

Mi Mye’s album The Sympathy Sigh is out on 6th August 2016 via Philiophobia + Hide & Seak Records. Order it here

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