Mi Mye’s Top 10 Christmas Songs

Check out Mi Mye’s Christmas song ‘I’m dreaming of a’ above.

Wakefield’s Mi Mye craft one heck of a tune. Their debut album, The Sympathy Sigh, is a case in point. Lilting and heartfelt, it is jammed with insightful and tuneful indie folk songs that most musicians would sell their mums for. Now they’ve turned their hand to a Christmas tune. ‘I’m dreaming of a’ is a delicate and reflective number which kind of reminds me of being extremely not into going to an office Christmas party and enduring all the organised ‘fun’ and awkward conversations. It’s a beauty.

To celebrate the release of the tune, we had a chat with Mi Mye’s Jamie Lockhart about some of his favourite Christmas songs. Fair to say there’s a couple of surprises in there.

10. Mud – ‘Lonely This Christmas’

There’s this early 90s film called Bernard and the Genie which was on the BBC when I was little. It’s about a man who has just lost everything, and as he is listening to this song a genie appears in his life (it’s Lenny Henry) and hilarity ensues. This is a super early memory of a Christmas song, I think maybe even my first.

9. Mariah Carey ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’

So which story? The funny story or the romantic story? The funny or the romantic? I don’t know. I have one funny story about this track and one romantic story about this track. They are both really nice so the next time you see me ask me for the one you’d like to hear and I’ll happily tell it you. They are good, the funny one involves celebrities and the romantic one involves some kissing – you know how that nursery rhyme goes: “so ‘n’ so, and so ‘n’ so, sitting in a tree, T-R-E-E- E-E-E”.

8. Irving Berlin – ‘White Christmas’

Mi Mye has an album of Christmas covers, but we never got the rights to do any of them, so don’t tell anyone. Anyway if you’re not the licence holder to the rights of a bunch of classic Christmas songs and you are good at Googling you might be able to find a Mi Mye album that starts with this song 🙂

7. Sammy Cahn – ‘Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!’

I love the idea of the weather and the snow and the cold being the excuse to be close.

6. Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane – ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’

Every year when I have to place the last bit of decoration on the tree I think of this song, the line “Hang a shining star upon the highest bough” – WOW, I love that.

5. Daniel Johnston – ‘True Love Will Find You In The End’

This isn’t totally a Christmas song, well people tell me it isn’t at all, but how could that be? It’s about true love and being hopeful. We do a cover of this song at every Mi Mye Christmas show, it’s one of my all time favourite songs.

4. Shaking Stevens – ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’

This is an amazing song, if you take it out of its own production and take away everything it is just a beautiful song. Download the chords and sing it like you’re in Smog… you’ll see.

Here’s a link to the chords and lyrics

3. Piskie Sits – ‘Christmas Eve (Die Hard, Home Alone, Elf)’

The Piskies are the royalty of Wakefield, everyone has to join up to do a little bit of national service with them 🙂 and Oh my god can they write a song? This is their new Christmas single, it’s out the same day as ours and is totally amazing.

2. East 17 – ‘Stay Another Day’

In the early 2000s Lee Smith (one of the dudes that produced our record) put together a 27-piece party band to play the end of uni summer ball. We did 90s pop tunes and the last in the set was this song. Brian Harvey from East 17 was at the show, he was doing a solo tour at the time. Some of us met him and he said “Hey, tell everyone I’m innocent”. I’m still not totally sure what that meant.

1. The Research – ‘For Christmas I Got Pityriasis Rosea’

The Research are one of my all time favourite bands. They are all good old friends of mine and I worked as their sound dude in my youth. People take the mickey out of me as I always bring a story round to being about one of my memories of working with them cause I love them so much. But when you ask anyone in the band about it they don’t remember. This song was made for a free CD fanzine, every band on the CD lived on the same street in Wakefield and the fanzine was made by two friends who also lived on the street.

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