A Million Machines presents: Songs for your nuclear bunker | Guest Playlist

A Million Machines
Photo by Eddie Schimara.

Vocalist Fate Fatal and engineer MIG are the force behind A Million Machines, an emerging synth / modular pop band from underground Los Angeles. Their first single ‘Come Tonight’ off their new album drops on September 22nd and sets the mode for the new type of vocal-based electronic music coming from California.

The duo came a long way since their previous rock n’ roll CBGB days but now return with Million Machines, a new synth pop band armed with an arsenal of modular synths, harmonic vocals, and enough infectious melody to move any wallflower. Although ‘Machines’ has settled in the infinite oil slick of the chilly synth acts, the bands un-passive, un-shoegaze message to the electronic world is simply this: start a revolution at any level.

While we are on this topic of change, both members of A Million Machines found it an appropriate time to discuss what should be played if confined to a nuclear bunker for any particular reason. Fate and MIG split the chores 50/50 and hand picked ten songs for your listening pleasure. Now stand back and put on your radiation suit, because it’s time for the ultimate underground playlist.

1. Midnight Juggernauts – Into The Galaxy

Yes, this band isn’t exactly new, but it still can transport me back to a circle of pot smoking kids in the locally abandoned train tunnel. Juggernauts are musical storytellers in the best way. Their ability to create movements at the right time is impeccable. ‘Into the Galaxy’ is without a doubt the song I always wanted to write with rock hard beats, harmonic melodies and flooded with dulcet vocals which come like a brontide in the distance. ‘Into the Galaxy’ is traveling music for future rock n’ roll hazmat suit wearers. – Fatal

2. Figure Study – Wait

This song is great for those long drives or moments of needing to gain some mental space through out the busy day. April’s voice fits nicely with Nathan’s hooky synth lines. The music is spaciously crafted with a sense of importance. Of course it reminds me of those great early goth records but at the same time spits out classic Velvet Underground overtones. I can relate to the style and find this track very soothing. Pleasantly beautiful. – MIG

3. Position Parallèle -Un Dernier R.dv

I’m not afraid of my sexuality when it comes to singer Dernière Volonté’s voice. His voice is hands down the most intriguing, sexy, and unbridled voice one can hear against a stone cold beat. The intonation of his robust sonorous French voice is unequivocally smooth and delicious. I have no idea what Monsieur Volonté’ is saying, but I don’t care because when I listen to this song, I belong to him. In a world of vocal effects and autotune, Volonté’ has mastered his breathy voice enough to sound as though his lips were against my ears. This is enough to turn any straight man gay. – Fatal

4. Boy Harsher – Motion

Elements of industrial meets club night life. Great song Motion from the North Hampton duo Boy Harsher. It reminds me of Chris & Cosey hypnotic and real. It has dark and light shades of gloom. I’m enjoying this track because it holds up and doesn’t sound overdone. This will definitely find its way on my mixed play list. Thanks, Boy Harsher! – MIG

5. Cliff Martinez – “Runway” (The Neon Demon Soundtrack)

Witchy beats, naked vibes, entrancing foreplay on the keyboards. ‘Runaway’ from the Neon Demon soundtrack is the music I want played at my own murder. Is that inappropriate? For the record my entire life is inappropriate. Martinez bleeds for this performance layered like a river of cold trickling blood. However ‘Runaway’ isn’t so dark because of its devilishly sparkling melody hinted in the background like some distant pagan holiday. Martinez’s talent of pushing and pulling tension is an art. He purposely neglects to give his full power, but when he does, he has already seduced you. -Fatal

6. The Faint – Damage Control

Although, The Faint are not a recent act and are considered veterans by most in the music industry, their latest release is still fresher than most current trends. ‘DAMAGE CONTROL’ has the spirit of a post apocalypse world filled with crashing burnt out technology rumbling through the ashes of a cold and disconnected planet. It feels desolate but carries a hopeful tune with regards to a constant reminder of what humanity is/has become. Great instrumentation with lo-fi soundscapes. Still sounds amazing every time I listen to it. -MIG

7. Brassica – Everything

Who wants to be in a 1970’s Italian Horror movie? At least one with a good synth soundtrack, and one where you don’t get hacked into pieces by unknown hands of a serial killer. So how does Does Brassica’s love song ‘Everything’ relate? In those old horror movies written by Italian synth masters Goblin, they brought an auditory ‘horror disco’ sound which at sometimes ‘Everything’ encompasses loosely dances around. An ultra sweet sensation of synths, glimmering sweet like a melodic knife into a heart-driving-beat. In a good way of course. The heart, after all, is chocolate. There are moments of this song where the music picks up speed then blooms into a garden bridled with the singers gushing ‘I am everything without you.’ A song for a murderer? You decide. -Fatal

8. Trevor Something – Suicide

It’s nice to hear something that resembles a lot of musical eras with a twisted out come. I ran across this song Suicide on Band Camp by Trevor Something and immediately noticed this semi disco hook meets avant-garde post punk thing. A little dreamy with the right amount of melancholy. It’s a solid track overall, and the video is filled with humor. Nice one! -MIG

9. Minuit Machine – Sabotage

Minuit Machine is fronted by two French women who serve up cold synth in the way French do, eloquent and unrestrained. Their hit single ‘Sabotage’ is dressed in slick leathery synths and comes like a sexy shadow on the Rue des Barres, but beware. Embedded within their dreamy synth sounds come untapped nerves, which brings into light the heart-wrenching voice of women scorned. Although I’m not a woman, nor anywhere close, their music is transcendent enough for me to join their crusade. – Fatal

10. Ruby My Dear – Donald

I find this track ‘Donald’ a great way to handle a busy outrageous day in Los Angeles. Obviously, Square Pusher and Aphex Twin come to mind with a little bit of Prodigy thrown in. Powerful as well as hypnotic. It’s a great glitch electro drum/bass punch track. This one should be taken with plenty of coffee. Tons of energy! – MIG

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