Minihorse – ‘Thriller’ | Overblown Track Premiere


Big Lack EP is out now via Friendship Fever.

There’s a wry surrender to ‘Thriller’, the new track from fuzzy trio Minihorse. The song is an exploration of the revelation of Minihorse guitarist Ben Collins that his dreams are absolutely meaningless. Having said this, as Collins laments “The thrill is not what’s gone/It never was” in direct contrast to the warm and deceptively hummable fuzz, the listener could be forgiven for being lulled into a soft sense of security.

The theme of futility and meaninglessness is something the EP has a whole explores, as the band investigate the theory that the universe is essentially without the significance humanity imbues upon it. Unifying the tongue in cheek humour of Evan Dando and Alex Chilton while exploring the lo-fi wonder of Bob Pollard, the EP ventures into the abyss armed with a fifth of whiskey and a pack of smokes.

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