MOURN Interview: “Our father was and is always an influence and a reference to us.”

Check Out Their Video For ‘Gertrudis, Get Through This!’ Above.

It must be pretty surreal to be just about 18, but have already released a critically acclaimed debut album, played Primavera, Best Kept Secret, and be scheduled to play the Pitchfork Festival on the 19th July, but that’s exactly the story with Spanish alt rockers MOURN right now. Right now they’ve decided to release a new non album single called ‘Gertrudis, Get Through This!’. The song continues their channeling of early PJ Harvey, but also throws in some Kim Gordon influenced vocals for good measure. Grab the physical seven inch, buddy.

The group took some time to answer our carefully chosen questions about why exactly boys are cunts, the brevity thing, and their peers in Catalunya.

Overblown: ‘Boys are Cunts’. Why?
MOURN: That’s a shitty song, don’t listen to it. Haha

O: Who else is an influence on your sound? How?
M: Madee, the band of our father (Jazz and Leia). We’ve grown up going to their shows and we learnt how is it like to be in a band with them. Our father was and is always an influence and a reference to us.

O: Most of the songs on your LP are under two minutes long, and the LP itself is only 21 minutes long. What attracts you to writing short songs?
M: Well, they came up this way. The songs we’re writing now are a bit longer, but I don’t know, we just don’t think about it.

O: Otitis’, the name of one of the songs on the LP, is the general term for the infection of the ear in humans and other animals. Does this have anything to do with the song?
M: It does, the lyrics are about this! I (Jazz) had a really bad ear infection two years ago. So i had to throw a strange and cold liquid into my ear, the song talks about that. I wrote the lyrics at class when i was feeling that.

O: Your rise has been pretty quick, and surprising. What has been the highlight so far?
M: Travelling all the time! Going to the States was such a great experience. But one of the greatest shows was the first and only gig we did in London some months ago. Not because we performed our best show, it was because of the people! There were lots of people having fun and we felt very comfortable and supported! We didn’t imagine that would happen in a place were we hadn’t played before.

O: Who would you love to collaborate with in the future? Why?
M: We’re not sure about it, but would be cool to know and collaborate with more bands near our age.

O: Who else in the Catalan music scene should our readers check out?
M: Beach Beach. They are four guys from Mallorca that play really cool. You should check them out!

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