Mouses: Five Things That Inspired ‘Poison’

mouses poison

‘Poison’ Is Out Now!

After building quite the reputation with the release of their first two DIY EPs, Mouses have let loose their debut a single ‘Poison’ via Sister 9 Recordings on May 6th. It is an upbeat major chord fuzzy punk track that deals with drug use to tackle social anxiety.

Guitarist and vocalist Steven Bardgett and drummer Nathan Duff, who make up the duo, were good enough to have a good old chat with us about what inspired the track. Read all about it below.

1. Anxiety

Anxiety plays a big part in the song. I suffer with anxiety in social situations quite badly and the song deals with different methods to try and combat that. Well, specifically one method…

2. Drugs

There’s a lot of drug references in the song – the title itself is a metaphor for how I felt towards drugs at the time – and the song’s lyrics, specifically the chorus and the ‘I’m not breaking bones for you’ bit are aimed directly at a kind of personified version of the drugs in question.

3. Dependence

One of the main lines in the chorus goes ‘I can’t be myself/without a little bit of poison/to get me out of bed’ and that really captures how I felt about my dependence on some kind of (any kind of) substance at the time. In a way I think I was almost frightened to be myself, and I still am a lot of the time. I’m getting better but I do still struggle with coming to terms with just being myself. I’ve been essentially teetotal for a little while now and that has helped though. I definitely don’t have a reliance on drugs, I’m just pretty awkward a lot of the time haha.

4. Cats

I’ve never had a fear of cats before – I’m quite a fan to be honest – but the song describes a particular trip in which there were a lot of actual cats involved and I can remember just feeling absolutely terrified. I was curled up in a ball in our friend’s garden for about 3 hours as his cats were running around me and it was just awful. There’s a line that says ‘projecting feline paradigms/manipulating terror in my eyes’ and that’s what that describes. I’ve still maintained my fondness for cats though so it hasn’t affected me too much!

5. Juxtaposition

I like to write songs about really dark or heavy subjects but play them as fun distorted pop songs so there’s a strong contrast between lyrics and music. I think quite a few people have touched on how surprisingly heavy the subject matter is in comparison to what the song sounds like but I like that. There’s an element of black humour in pretty much everything we do. Sometimes I think that’s the best way to deal with dark subjects though and I think in some way, subconsciously, I wanted to make a point that you can still write a catchy pop song whilst touching on heavy and sometimes questionable subject matter. I don’t think any subjects should be taboo. I just write about what matters to me.

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