Mrs. Piss: New Band of the Day #252

mrs piss

Mrs. Piss’ debut album Self-Surgery is out now via Sargent House.

Who: Chelsea Wolfe and Jess Gowrie.

What: Sludge punk.

Where: California.

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Why: This new project from Chelsea Wolfe and Jess Gowrie is fierce. The duo first collaborated a decade ago on the grunge project Red Host. They again wrote together while the two were touring around together during Wolfe’s Hiss Spun album in 2017. Mrs. Piss is the raw and rowdy result. It is a project that melds rock, metal, punk and industrial in a filthy, dirty witch’s cauldron. Check out ‘Downer Surrounded by Uppers’ as an example. A short slice of sludge punk fury, the track is driven by the powerhouse drumming of Jess Gowrie, filthy guitar riffs and Wolfe’s unmistakeable wail.

The following track ‘Knelt’ sees the duo rein things in a bit to create a slow and sludgy dirge that is eerie and unnerving. The feeling is accentuated by the druggy lyrics, “ooh I think I know what this is / ooh I feel it kickin’ in.” My only issue is that at 18 minutes, the album is a touch on the short side. Here’s hoping the duo reconvene for something a bit more extensive in future!

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