Mt. Doubt – ‘The Loneliness Of The TV Watchers’ | Track by Track

Mt. Doubt

The Loneliness Of The TV Watchers EP is out on 2nd June 2017 via Scottish Fiction Records.

I know you probably don’t care and just want to get to the music, but I am fascinated by the banality of life. I wrote my university thesis about it. It appears it also fascinates Scottish indie rock sextet Mt. Doubt on their first EP, The Loneliness Of The TV Watchers.

We asked the band to expand on the stories behind the songs on the EP, and they duly obliged. Good people.

Catch Mt. Doubt live at the following dates:

26th May – Sneaky Pete’s – Edinburgh
6th June – Gwdihw Cafe – Cardiff
7th June – Servants Jazz Quarters – London
8th June – XPO North – Inverness
10th June – Tolbooth – Sterling

1. A Natural Swimmer

I think this might be my personal favourite from the EP; it sprawls a fair bit as it goes on, and I’m a big fan of sprawling. I think the electronic, keys-led feel married with the slightly more ‘gruff’ guitars creates an interesting atmosphere which hangs between our more poppy-tendencies and our ‘rocky’ sound rather nicely. Lyrically the song loosely centres around the idea that one day everything’s going to come to an end, for everyone, regardless. But I think the melodies and the upbeat chorus largely gloss over the bleakness of the song’s actual content.

2. Tourists

This is a straight-up pop song and, essentially, a light-hearted diatribe against the Instagram culture of travel documentation; trashing once rural villages in the name of self(ie)-righteous indulgence, that sort of thing! It’s a very laid-back, humorous number, which isn’t meant to be taken all to seriously! I hate flying, so maybe I’m just bitter.

3. Reference Books

Definitely the ‘rockiest’ song I’ve written to date, the guitars have a pretty spacey, grungey feel to them which I really like and there’s also a big old synth solo by our resident piano-man, Ryan Firth! (All the 80s Rock boxes were well and truly ticked) This song is largely about the trepid beginnings of a relationship; the mind-consuming anxiety, the excitement and all of the exploration involved in those opening stages, as well as the potential for the complete disintegration of that situation.

4. Purity

This is another personal favourite of mine, it’s much more of a slow-burner than the previous pair, but it has a real sense of mood and atmosphere about it which I really like! I’m pretty bad for looking backwards too often so in a lot of ways this song is about wasting your time being caught up in things that are passed and unchangeable, the line; “loop nostalgia around me and kick the chair away” pretty much sums it up! It’s cheery stuff.

5. Soft Furnishings

Keeping up the ‘Purity’ cheer, the EP closer is a piano-driven track which focuses on the perils of getting too comfy on the sofa! It’s all too easy to slump (literally) into a lifestyle of fast-food binges and Dale Winton so this song is essentially a note-to-self… Like the EP opener, this is another expansive track which really opens up towards the back-end of the song with guitars and oohs and aahs!

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