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Muertos is out now via Wrong Way Records.

El Dia de los Muertos. The Day of the Dead. It’s a Mexican celebration to honour those who have died. Also, it always reminds me of the LucasArts game Grim Fandango, the events of which took place during one such celebration. What a game.

It would seem that the celebration is also where the British fuzz psych rock trio we’re talking about today gleaned their name. Their self titled debut EP is a swirling, throbbing affair where guitars envelop the listener in cloaks of fuzz while evocative vocals hypnotise. Featuring the dual vocals of DeAnna Avis and Marc Crane, the music on offer here is coiled and seductive, luring the listener in with a sound that is dripping in sweat and sleaze before smacking them over head and stealing their keys and cash.

We spoke to the group about the four tracks that feature on the EP. You should pick up the EP now via Bandcamp.

Check them out live:

18.12.16 – The Castle Hotel – MANCHESTER
14.01.17 – Aces and Eights – LONDON
28.01.17 – The Bassment – CHELMSFORD

1. Ballroom Spritzer (Extended Mix)

The opening track to our EP transports you into an empty old dusty dance hall and hypnotises you with its mantra. Its a story of admiration and represents that feeling of awe that’s bought on by something beautiful and sacred. This is our dark little love song where harmonies are surrounded by gritty fuzz and heavy drums.

2. Black Box

This track is all about the dirty little secrets that are buried deep within everyone. I guess you could say its about lies in general and how easy it is to isolate yourself from everything. We like that this song can make you get up and dance your problems away, even though the root of the song is very sombre.

3. Snakes

The inspiration for Snakes developed from one of Marc’s nightmares. He remembers waking up one night, feeling like he was being pulled under the covers by something and trying desperately to catch his breath. This song almost has a kind of lullaby vibe to it which makes its subject matter feel even more fitting. This is our anxiety ballad.

4. Write To The Devil

The ending of our EP takes you out on the open road and plays out a twisted tale about summoning up your demons and giving in to your dark side. Its witnessing someone succumb to evil and being completely helpless to do anything to stop it. With this song we wanted a chorus that would really take off and create a feeling of losing control.

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