Mums Interview: “I feel very proud of what we three best friends have achieved”

mums interview

Debut Album Land of Giants  Out 21 October Via Superstar Destroyer Records.

At three o’clock this morning I couldn’t sleep. Bandcamp became my friend as it often does when insomnia comes a calling. As I adventured through the genres I happened upon a trio from Widnes called Mums. For once, insomnia is good for something. A ferocious and thunderous noise rock/grunge band that also absolutely loves melody, the trio plough and plunge through molasses slow sludge riffs while also keeping their tongue firmly in their collective cheek.

I immediately emailed the band, and singer/guitarist Jack Evans took a bit of time today to talk with us about Billy Corgan, Fallout 4, and their debut album Land of Giants.

Overblown: Why the name change from Aeroplane Flies High to Mothers and then to Mums? Did Billy Corgan send you a strongly worded letter?

Jack Evans: In short, we wanted to re-invent ourselves in a way, changing the name from AFH to Mothers. We had a lot of new songs that we felt were different to what we had been doing (although actually most similar to what we initially set out to do!) and thought that changing the band name would be a good move, not only for our audiences but for our own personal minds. The Mothers to Mums switch was because another band had Mothers first. Mums however is very English and sounds cool in Northern accents.

O: To me your music sounds like the Melvins covering Weezer songs. How do you feel about that description?

JE: That description is a great one and we do love the Melvins (although Weezer not so much!). It’s kind of like ‘insert heavy band here’ meets ‘insert melodic more pop band here’.

O: What is up with the artwork for Land of Giants?

JE: The artwork is done by a friend of ours called Lewis Mclean. He’s a very talented artist and also is in the band Lake of Snakes (they are performing at our album launch Friday October 21st at Islington Mill, Salford!). To be completely honest, we saw the art and asked him if we could use it. It’s a lovely picture that your imagination can get lost in.

mums interview
‘Land of Giants’ Artwork

O: What is the best song on Land of Giants? Why?

JE: Personally for me it is pretty hard to answer this… I love all of the songs on there and as a whole I feel very proud of what we three best friends have achieved. Although I’d have to say either ‘In a Museum’ or ‘Teamin’’ as they are very heavy and have meaningful lyrics to me.

O: The video for ‘Little Did He Know’ is a delightfully weird one. Who created it? What was the concept behind the video?

JE: The video was done by IMPATV who we reached out to after seeing their videos of Supernormal Festival in Oxford. We are fans of 80’s/90’s video effects and tongue-in-cheek comedy and with the initial idea of ‘naff photoshoot’ we just got together with them one night in a warehouse in Salford and out came the video!

O: What is the best thing about Fallout 4?

JE: I’m going to have to go with the retro-futuristic americana styling of the game, it never fails to make me smile! Addictive upgrades systems, fantastic story with multiple endings and a huge and incredibly detailed open world kept me playing the game for over 6 months!

O: Your album launch is on the horizon. Anything special planned for your performance?

JE: We will be absolutely rocking out really hard. In fact after seeing all of the amazing bands at A Carefully Planned Festival this weekend I feel extra excited and like I have something to prove, in a way!

O: As WWE fans, what do you think of Billy Corgan and Vince McMahon struggling for control of TNA?

JE: This is Lew’s area but I can say that I know who both of those people are and I’m pretty sure I don’t like either of them!

O: What are your life goals?

JE: In band terms, we want to tour the EU/US and want to keep on making music and having so much fun, meeting more incredible people along the way. We are so grateful that we can do this and appreciate everyone who helps us in any way!

Photography by Elmore.

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