Murder Shoes Share ‘Charlotte Manning’

murder shoes charlotte manning

There’s a great little indie label running out of Minneapolis (home of Husker Du and The Replacements) at the moment. Named Landski Records, it is run by the charming Drew Forsberg, and has recently reeleased two stellar EPs by Deleter, purveyors of epic post punk. Carrying on in the spirit of the 80s lo-fi DIY music scene, the label has uncovered a number of gems right in their back garden.

Landski’s newest exports are the dark and seductive Murder Shoes. Songs range from murder ballad-esque intimidation to surf/noir pop and they have a new self-titled EP (produced by Deleter’s Knol Tate) coming out on the 1st of May. In the meantime you can catch the first two tracks from the EP here on Overblown. We particularly recommend their latest release, the seductive and sultry ‘Charlotte Manning’.

Listen to both tracks below: