Mush – ‘Lines Redacted’ | Album Review

Leeds-based post-punk outfit, Mush, released their new album, Lines Redacted, via Memphis Industries on February 12th.

Mush can add itself to the list of young, post-punk bands coming out of the UK, who are looking to add a new, modern twist to the sounds that made the 80s. Politically, this is a really interesting trend as a way to pay attention to culture through musical responses from Gen Z. Keep your eye on it!

Mush follows in this fad, bringing rad riffs shrouded in mystery and cynically conscious lyrics to the table. The album is a blend of Sonic Youth cool meets Velvet Underground vocal lilts.

However, by the third or fourth track, I’m dizzy from each song’s chorded arpeggios. Many of the songs drift haphazardly and are overextended, surpassing what feels like their natural end. The vocals pose an endless question pattern throughout. For an album that wants to make a strong statement, the constant quizzical intonation weakens the thesis. I feel like I’m trapped in a funhouse of mirrors. The same song is humming on repeat in tune with the spotty fluorescent lights, each time hitting my ears more distorted.


Mush’s talent is evident, but Lines Redacted is ultimately an album of potential. The songs are boiling, but I crave Mush to completely bubble over the cauldron, bring some mother fucking toil and trouble and burn the gingerbread house to the ground.

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