Music In Life And Media

music in life and media

Friedrich Nietzsche once said “Without music, life would be a mistake” and he’s right. Music is all around us at all times. You can’t go anywhere without hearing it. Whether it’s on the radio in shopping centre or store, it’s a selection of hits in a bar or pub, you can hear someone whistling, it comes through a person’s headphones or from their car and more. It will be featured in every TV show, film, game, advert and more. You can experience other people’s works or create your own. You can hear tune in a random noises and find a beat in background noise. Music is inescapable and that’s great.

Music is used to create atmosphere, mood and help you feel something. At the right time, a sad song can resonate with you and what you’re going through. An upbeat rock anthem can boost your mood and confidence when you need it or least expect. In adverts you need to convey the message you want to get across to viewer. The French horn is one of the most difficult instruments to master and so financial related adverts will often feature it as it instils ideas of handwork, confidence and trust, things you’d want from any bank or money service. A familiar pop song can do this too. The Sugababes’ ‘Girls‘ is often used in commercials and immediately tells you that the product is aimed at young women and will create a fun and confident mood that the products intends to deliver. Queen are one of the UK’s most popular and beloved bands and so will always draw attention to any product and make you strong association, I.E. if you like the music of Queen, then you’ll like this product.

Film and television soundtracks are an important part of the entire production. They are needed to instruct the viewer what to feel at that time. The music in TV or film is essential and if it is done badly, the scene can suffer. Happy music during a tragic scene would cause confusion or lessen the impact. The music can also dramatically be part of a scene to create the right effect. Watch the final scene of Elliot and E.T. without the score and you’re left with a long and boring sequence, but with the music, it’s an epic and famous moment in film history. Film composers such as John Williams, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer and more are some of the greats and their music is enjoyed independently of their films.

In video games, music is handled in a similar way to movies. It is used to set the tone and atmosphere of any area. It differs in video games though as the music will often play for long periods or be repeated as players spend lots of time in areas or repeating various actions. Battle music can be important as it is played often and needs to get the player in the right mood. Music in the game can be slow to encourage players take their time, such as what is found in the Metal Gear series. Conversely, it can fast and hard to encourage more aggressive play, e.g. the Devil May Cry games. All games feature their own music and variety at that, from classical style in the Final Fantasy series, unique leitmotifs for each character in Street Fighter, the pop style of Bayonetta and even the latest offers at in which their online casino games feature appropriate music to set the scene and heighten the drama of your play.

Music is all around us and will constantly improve our life, the mood and atmosphere, whether we are playing a video game, watching TV or film, listening to it or simply walking down the street.