natures – ‘halfhearted’ | Track by Track


The halfhearted EP is out now.

According to his Facebook profile, natures is a “lonely emo singer songwriter based in Dublin. Likes pints.” It’s about as an apt a description you could come up for his acoustic, piano tinged emo folk. These are songs of loss and regret that don’t shy away from the honest and uncomfortable. Luckily, that is the type of thing we love here at Overblown. Here are rough and bare admissions to drinking too much, low self esteem, and how your home town but draws and repels you. A captivating and restless listen.

Daithí Murphy, the man behind the natures moniker, took us through each track on the EP. Unsurprisingly, he was brutally and endearingly honest.

1. At The End Of The Day It Was Always You

This track is the first instrumental I ever wrote! I liked the idea of something slow and pretty to open the EP. I guess it’s my attempt at saying something without using any words. The title I think most people can find it applicable to their life. The title is basically something I never was able to say to someone. I wrote it with a reprise in mind. I like to think this song represents the feeling of looking at someone and feeling something, whether you love them or miss them. While not being a difficult song to play, it sets the mood for the forthcoming songs as sombre yet hopeful.

2. Half-hearted

This song is definitely one of the most honest ones I’ve written, and I love finding that exposed truthful side of me that can openly admit my failings. Half-hearted as a title means two things to me; the literal feeling of doing things half-heartedly, and the fact that I suffer from a heart murmur. In brief this song details my depression and how I’m aware that I can save myself but I can’t seem to find the strength and how it feels that there is only one person keeping me going but that they’re not around for me anyway. It’s me admitting I drink too much, and apologizing for not being as good a friend and person I could be. It’s certainly melancholic, but I’m proud that I can say these things without worry of judgement. I find expressing myself and admitting such things can help deal with my problems.

3. Fit In

Despite the fact that this is the 2nd EP I’ve recorded for this project, this is one of the first songs I ever wrote. I was definitely around sixteen. It explains how I was way too shy to talk to a girl that I like. At times I feel as if I literally don’t fit in, even around my friends. It’s me being a mere observer while feeling sorry for myself. It’s me detailing of how I can be subject to feelings of nervousness and anxiety.

The last line; ‘maybe you could know me too’, is hopeful and contrasts with the rest of the song. I’m always hopeful and in my head too much.

4. If I Stay

This song is about my hometown, Monaghan. I wrote about thinking about having to head off to college soon while out in the smoking area of my favourite local, McKenna’s. I’m constantly torn between Monaghan and Dublin and where my loyalties lie. Adjusting to college isn’t easy and I’m not sure if I’m even quite there yet. While my friends are here in Dublin, my family will always be in Monaghan and I guess it’s me acknowledging that I’m growing up.

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