New Band of the Day #108: Irk


Irk’s split with noise / sludge group Wren is out now.

Who: Matt, Ed and Jack.

What: Noise rock (FFO: Big Black, Whores., Big Business).

Where: Leeds, UK.

Why: Leed’s trio Irk really do the job. Led by a fuzzed up and yet harshly metallic bass, whose angular riffing call to mind Steve Albini’s Big Black, the trio pound through a sound that is anxious, paranoid, and unrelenting.

I give you exhibit A: ‘Cibo per Gattini’ which means ‘food for kittens’. This one jerks and flails through four minutes of excessive force and generally unnerving freakdom. It’s taken from a split they released a couple of years ago with London noise / sludge group Wren. They haven’t released anything since as far as I know. So they better get that sorted soon. They are on tour with noise rock / alt rock trio Mums though. Which is nice.

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