New Band Of The Day #111: The Great Cold

The Great Cold

Self-titled debut LP out now.

Who: Lead guitar: Lukas Gräfen, Rhythm guitar: Sebastian Freitag, Bass: Axel Lißewski, Drums: Philipp Becker.

What: Black metal / post rock / post metal (FFO: Deafheaven, ISIS, Cult of Luna)

Where: Marburg, Germany.

Why: Melding the ferocity of black metal with the chug of post metal and reflective nuance of post rock, German quartet The Great Cold have created a compelling and unique sound for themselves. More importantly, it is a sound that is relatively new. Which is goddamn refreshing to be honest, in this era of retromania.

Take lead track ‘EOS’. This begins with a distinctly ‘black metal’ vibe. It’s all frantic guitars and blast beats. It’s pretty ferocious. One issue I always had with black metal is that I felt it was unrelenting and not dynamic enough. Someone is going to blast me for that opinion, but it’s mine. So fuck off. What I like about this track is that after a frantic opening, the song scales things back and begins to explore more varied rhythms and a more soaring sound.

‘BOREAS’ is a different beast that owes more to the post metal of Neurosis, ISIS, and Cult of Luna than the ferocity of Burzum. It’s led by a simple and subtle guitar riff, and intricate drumming which ultimately builds to a massive crescendo. Also, these lads don’t fuck about. They get straight to the point. No fifteen minute meanders. Although I do like a meander sometimes.

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