New Band of the Day #113: A Farewell To Words

a farewell to arms

Debut EP Going Over The Top is out now.

Who: Oskars Maceiko – guitar, Mareks Puksts – bass. and Artjoms Baharevs – drums.

What: Post rock (FFO: Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros, Mogwai)

Where: Rīga, Latvia.

Why: I’ve got a serious case of man flu. This was caused by excess fun at a festival. Kill me now. What will cure such an affliction? Surely some Latvian post rock. Only the grandeur and drama of a post rock climax will do at this moment in the depths of my despair.

Enter A Farewell To Words, who may have the most post rock name ever, and their debut EP Going Over The Top. Charmingly lo-fi but rather bombastic and the same time, it is a three track intro to the delicate and intricate interplay of this Riga based outfit. It goes well with Lemsip too.

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