New Band of the Day #129: YO NO SE

yo no se

Debut album Soma out now.

Who: Al Studer, Jason Strickland, and Sam Rowswell.

What: Alternative rock / sludge (Melvins, Mudhoney, Tad)

Where: Bristol, England.

Why: “UH, dirrty, filthy, nasty, Christina you nasty (Yeah), Too dirty to clean my act up, If you ain’t dirty, you ain’t here to party, Whoo, ladies move, gentleman move, Somebody ring the alarm, a fire in the room.” Yes folks, you heard me correctly. Brighton sludgy alt-rock trio YO NO SE are as distgustingly filthy as Christina Aguilera in her Disney defying prime.

Expect big thudding, sludgy riffs of Tad quality antics. Vocals that call to mind King Buzzo at his most cranky. And song structures that really have nothing to do with alternative rock and grunge in the slightest. They’re way more stoner and psych rock influenced. It’s all good though. This rocks.

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