New Band of the Day #19: OhBoy


New ep, EP#2, is out now.

Who: OhBoy are a 5-piece band consisting of Jonathan Brook, Lee Irons, Mark Nicholas, Meg Amirghiasvand and Dan Battison.

What: Fuzzy, slacker rock. (FFO: Big Deal, Tigers Jaw)

Where: The Midlands, UK

Why: With their addictive blend of messy guitars and a could-care-less attitude, OhBoy have been steadily climbing in the music world’s consciousness since the release of EP#1 back in 2014, which introduced the band with noisy and reckless tracks that sound charmingly slap-dash. Now signed to independent record label Alcopop Records, OhBoy are working on their debut album, with latest single ‘Dirt’ featuring ear-worm guitar riffs and melancholic lyrics such as “I’m not awake / but I’m not quite dead” which are sure to awaken the inner emo-kid in anyone, especially with the addition of a sad-looking elephant in the accompanying music video.

The album they’re currently working on is as-of-yet unannounced, but if their previous releases are anything to go by it’ll be a celebration of noisy indie-pop and a resignation to ordinary life, so watch this space.

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