New Band Of The Day #88: Shrike


Debut single ‘Dawn / 夜間飛行’ is out now.

Who: Ryosuke Itamochi and Yuko Amada.

What: Shoegaze/noise pop (FFO: My Bloody Valentine, NOTHING, Kinoko Teikoku)

Where: Tokyo, Japan.

Why: As we should all know, shoegaze is a pretty big thing in Japan. Of course, in such a situation there is a risk of stagnation and repetition. To avoid this, Tokyo’s Shrike mix their brand of shoegaze with a healthy smattering of noise pop tendencies such as jangle fuzz guitars and a definite focus on melody. ‘Dive’, streaming below, is a stellar example.

Conversely, they also show a more delicate side on ‘夜間飛行’ (that means ‘Night Flight’ by the by) which reins in the enormous shoegaze guitars to focus on the child-like lilt of singer Yuko Amada. All round, this is damn impressive considering these are the first two tracks to be released by the duo. Fully realised springs to mind.

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