New Band of the Day #134: Pallow

Photo by Samuel Laubscher.

Pallow’s debut album Blueprints for an Empty Vessel out now.

Who: Jason Combs – Bass/Vocals, Connor McFall – Guitar/Vocals, Josh McIntyre – Guitar, and Jade Royal – Drums.

What: Doom/slowcore/doomgaze (Low, Nothing).

Where: Atlanta, Georgia.

Why: For years and years I have absolutely adored the gentle shift of the first few albums from slowcore legends Low. Their arresting use of delayed gratification is nuanced and entirely apt. Having said this, I’ve often wished that they possessed a bit more punch and aggression in their early album reflection. Perhaps this is due to my undeniable love of alternative rock, alternative metal, and, generally, things that have a savage wall of fuzzy sound.

It seems that Atlanta, Georgia Pallow had the exact same idea as me. That blueprint is essentially how they head into their debut album, Blueprints for an Empty Vessel. Here is deep melancholy, melody, and an abundance of hefty fuzz. There is the sad beauty of Low but the added fuzz and pace imbue the record with a defiance and power that is unique to Pallow.

Pallow. According to Urban Dictionary: “A pallow is special form of a pillow, used in a certain irc channel.” Huh. You learn something new every day.

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