New Band of the Day #131: Shanghai Restoration Project

New album R.U.R. out now.

Who: Dave Liang and Sun Yunfan.

What: Electronic.

Where: Brooklyn, United States.

Why: There’s something gloriously uplifting and heartfelt about the electronica created by Brooklyn-based duo Shanghai Restoration Project. Consisting of founder Dave Liang and Sun Yunfan, the outfit meld the experimentation of jazz with the driving nature of electronica. However, abstraction is not the goal. For me, it seems the goal is the heart of the listener.

There’s a lush warmth to a track like ‘Alpha Go’ for instance, which is streaming below. Witness a hypnotic beat laying the foundations for an exploratory and meandering piano line. It’s an urgent and melodic adventure. R.U.R. is Shanghai Restoration Project’s first album release as a duo. Listen to it.

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